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Why contact Palm Beach Business Brokers?

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If you are considering selling a business:

Our Certified Business Intermediaries can help analyze and understand the fair market value of your business which will help in determining a listing price appropriate for the current market. Most importantly we assist in negotiating a successful sale with well qualified potential buyers.


If you are considering buying a business:

When looking to buy a business, it’s important to understand the value of the business and how to know if it’s a fair asking price. Is the price too high, too low, or fair for the current market? Our Certified Business Intermediaries have access to a plethora of data from successfully cold businesses within Florida and nationwide. Analyzing this valuable data is the absolute best way to determine if the asking price is fair and move toward making an offer with confidence!


If you are looking to grow your business:

Understanding how a business is valued can help build a better business for future sale. At Palm Beach Business Brokers we proactively help owners grow their business improving its value for a future sale. When owners understand how the value of their business is determined they can focus on the key areas of growth instead of wasting time of the non-value add areas.


If you are looking to buy a business for immigration purposes:

Palm Beach Business Brokers 005America is the land of the business entrepreneur and the most prosperous economic market in the world. People from all countries desire to move to the US because of the tremendous opportunities for individuals and families. Possibly, the easiest way to move permanently to the US is by means of an immigration E2 and the L1 visa. Palm Beach Business Brokers are here to assist you through the process.

  • The E2 visa
    • The E2 is the most practical and popular of the 2 visas. It requires a minimum investment, which varies by country but is at least $100,000 US dollars for British nationals. Canadian nationals can also expect to invest a minimum of $100,000 US. The investment requirements vary for other countries and should be discussed with an Attorney to make sure of current laws and treaties.
  • The L1 visa
    • The L1 visa is available to people who own businesses in their home countries and wish to acquire a business in the US. The person designated by the acquiring business may obtain a L1 visa based on an intercompany transfer, which gives them permanent residency status in the US with convertibility to a green card in time (two or three years.)

E2 and L1 Visas are not difficult to obtain as long as you stick to the proper process and understand all the issues involved. Always use people with in- depth experience to assist you. The most critical decisions involve choosing where to live and what kind of businesses there are in that area. Securing a business which qualifies can be a challenge; a visa qualifying business must have good tax returns, adequate and properly documented employees. Such businesses are very much sought after by Americans and thus one has to be coached to adopt the correct negotiating posture if you want to be successful.


How can we help?

The key to coming to the US lies in finding a good business. Many people make the mistake of assuming that the key lies in finding a good immigration attorney. While that is important it is less important than finding a good business in a good area. The reason is that good businesses are extremely hard to find. That is where Palm Beach Business Brokers can help: Given patience on your part we will find you a business that will qualify you for a visa so that you can live a good life in Florida.


What we’d cover in a free consultation call?

Here are some general questions that are typically discussed.

  • What industry classification would your business fall under? With this question, can research similar businesses currently on the market that you’ll be competing with.
  • What was the annual revenue for the most recent year and what is revenue year to date? This is how we understand how large your business is.
  • What’s the value of any equipment owned by the business? We aren’t looking for replacement value here but current as-is value. Sometimes, if large equipment is involved, we may suggest an equipment appraiser to help determine this.
  • After understanding the scope, size and finances in general we will discuss the marketing process, transition process and closing procedures.
  • The most important question will be your expectation on a sale turnaround time. This is typically driven by your motivation to sell.
  • We then discuss how you like to be communicated with. Phone calls? Text messages? Email? We like to know the level of detail you like in communication. Some people are busy and just want to hear the gist of things while others like a detailed explanation of exactly what is transpiring with each and every prospective buyer.


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