About Us

Palm Beach Business Brokers 0002My name is Frank Giacomelli. I was born and raised in Vineland, a small farm town in southern New Jersey. I worked in a family construction business there while attending high school. After graduating from St. Augustine Prep, I attended a nearby college in Philadelphia majoring in Engineering and Architecture. During college, like many, I worked in the hospitality industry as a bartender and restaurant server. After college, I moved to the Palm Beach area where I began working in the construction finance field. I obtained my real estate license in 1989 and began building custom homes and selling general real estate throughout the northern Palm Beaches.

In order to maximize my real estate marketing in the specific area of town where I was building, I founded a community newspaper which I later sold to a larger local publication. In 1999 I formed Great American Mortgage & Capital Company which I scaled to one of the largest mortgage brokerage businesses in northern Palm Beach County.

My passion for entrepreneurship and business began at an early age and continues today. The freedom, flexibility and opportunity for personal wealth through business ownership is the foundation on which I built all of my own businesses.

In 2018 my wife and I acquired Palm Beach Business Brokers, Inc., the first and oldest business brokerage in Southeastern Florida. I am a Board Member of the Business Brokers Of Florida (BBF), and Certified Business IntermediaryMember of the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA). These two professional affiliations along with my previous business experience provides an outstanding set of tools to assist business owners in valuing, building, and selling their companies. Business buyers benefit from my consulting and are able to purchase a business that perfectly fits their needs.

Palm Beach Business Brokers 003Palm Beach Business Brokers has access to specific data regarding tens of thousands of business sales across North America.The company was established in 1976 and has assisted in thousands of business sale transactions across a multitude of industries. Palm Beach Business Brokers is responsible for introducing several national franchises into the South Florida Market.

What makes Palm Beach Business Brokers different? Through our sister company, Palm Beach Brokers Group, we are able to partner with commercial and residential real estate agents who many times are the first point of contact with business buyers relocating into our area.

Most of our competitors only sell businesses and don’t offer the real estate component. We feel this is a perfect match for both business buyers and sellers. The company also provides business valuations which is the first step in preparing a company for sale.

Many business sellers become weary toward the end of their careers and sometimes take their foot off the pedal which negatively affects revenue and consequently the value of their business. Palm Beach Business Brokers assist with business growth and stabilization advisory services to increase revenue resulting in a higher sale price.

Transition planning and counseling is often an area that business owners overlook when considering to sell their company. Many have made no plans on the life in which they will be transitioning after the sale. This is an important factor of all successful sale transactions.

Preserving a business seller’s legacy is of utmost importance to the entire team at Palm Beach Business Brokers. We take great pride and investigate time and effort into matching sellers with the best suited buyers so both are successful moving forward after the sale. Coaching buyers and sellers through this process is one of the five star services offered by Palm Beach Business Brokers.

In addition, we refer the absolute best accountants, financial planners, business attorneys, business and equipment appraisers, real estate professionals and appraisers, marketing specialist and exemplary business consultants.

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